Flexible, tailored production and bespoke precision engineering services.

We work hard to be flexible and responsive to the specific needs of each of our clients, tailoring our services and production to their unique requirements. We deliver batch sizes ranging from prototypes or individual products through to large volume production of engineering components. We can work as effectively from simple sketches as from highly detailed specifications.

Extensive supply chain experience.

We have long experience of working with supply chains and operating direct line feed, Kanban and self-billing invoicing systems as well as supplying against rolling manufacturing schedules.

A comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ engineering service.

We offer end to end bespoke precision engineering services, from 3D modelling and design through to mechanical and electrical assembly, painting and powder coating. Many products are fabricated, decorated and assembled before they are dispatched from our works to be installed directly on site.

A highly experienced team with the right skills for your job.

We assign a Project Engineer to oversee every Smith & Jewell Engineering project. Our Project Engineers are experienced with design and production so they have the skills and knowledge to manage delivery of your project end to end.

Engineering Services, West Sussex

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