At Smith & Jewell Engineering we are committed to reliable, consistent quality and delivery.

We are implementing LEAN manufacturing methodologies and we target achieving zero defects, aiming to deliver more than 90% of our products on time (OTD). We also strive to achieve zero accidents to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff.

Our dedication and commitment to our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation ensures we have the right people, systems and processes to achieve consistent high quality outputs with reliable on time delivery performance.

Collective ownership of quality and delivery.

We achieve high standards in quality and delivery because every member of our team feels ownership for the whole job, not just their part. No-one tolerates the attitude “ignore it and hope for the best”.

Committed to individual client needs.

We work hard to offer the capabilities, quality standards and engineering equipment our clients require, tailored to their specific needs.

Our people stay, so customer knowledge stays too.

Our staff turnover is very low – over 60% of our skilled staff started as apprentices with us. We believe the stability of our workforce gives us the edge in quality, responsiveness and delivery. It also means that once we get to know a customer, we keep that knowledge in-house, reducing the lead times for further work.

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