Fine Limit Sheet Metal

Fine Sheet Metal
Expert craftsmen. Reliable quality. Tailored service.

Fine limit sheet metalwork is a core strength at Smith & Jewell Engineering.

OUR Fine limit Sheet metal SPECIALITIES

  • Comprehensive fine limit sheet metal service. We have all the production machinery required for modern sheet metal production, including a 4.5 kw laser cutter that can process 3 metre x 1.5 metre sheets and can cut items up to 20mm thick and CNC brake presses and CNC punch presses.
  • Repeatable close tolerance production. Laser cutter and brake press computer controls give positional accuracy to 0.1mm and control of folded angles to fractions of a degree.
  • Powder coating and painting. In-house powder coating and wet spray painting enables us to control the finishing of products.
  • Decorative finishes. Stainless steel products can be produced with finishes that include graining, polishing and the use of materials that are textured or coloured. Aluminium products can be anodised with coloured finishes. Silkscreened or printed information and logos can be added to panels.
  • Hand forming. Our craftsmen are skilled at hand forming complex compound curved shapes in aluminium or stainless steel. Low volume tooling can be made in Jabroc, alumium or steel.
  • TIG welding of thin sheet. We specialise in TIG welding of aircraft aluminium or stainless steel down to 0.5 mm.
  • Rapid response. The production process can begin as soon as a model of the design is completed or detailed drawings are made available.
  • One stop manufacture. Many products are fabricated, decorated and assembled before they are despatched from our works.
  • Flexible, cost efficient production. We use programmable machines to reduce the need for expensive tooling. Automated processes ensure materials are processed at high speed. Painting and powder coating in-house improves efficiency and improves quality control by cutting out external finishers.

Why customers choose Smith & Jewell for fine limit sheet metalwork

Customers choose Smith & Jewell because we are good at what we do, and professional to work with.

We are committed to reliable, consistent quality and delivery. We work hard to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ individual needs. We invest in high quality equipment so we have the right tools for the job, and we maintain rigorous quality standards.

But we believe what really sets us apart are our people, attitude and individual client focus.

Typical applications for our fine limit sheet metalwork

Industrial sectors focused on quality of manufacture and timely delivery, such as oil and gas, defence equipment, vacuum systems, water processing, aerospace, petrol pumps, and electrical enclosures.

Sectors where only the highest standard of finish is acceptable, such as décor panels for Hi Fi equipment, metalwork for bespoke corporate furniture and decorative architectural metalwork.

See our customers page for further examples.

Call us today on 01243 784741, or email us to discuss your fine limit sheet metalwork requirements, or to obtain a quote.

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Fine Sheet Metal, Smith & Jewell

Fine sheet Metal


Working with Smith & Jewell has given us the opportunity to develop a partnership based on a constructive dialogue. They have taken time to understand what we need, and we have enjoyed a working relationship that is open and mutually beneficial.
J Evans, Development manager, water production engineering company