Coded Welding, Fabrication and CNC Machining

Tailored precision

We have long experience delivering coded welding and CNC machining services to clients requiring highly trained experts, high levels of procedural control and rigorous quality standards.

Our Welding, Fabrication and CNC Machining Specialities

  • Welders trained, coded and approved to petrochemical and aviation sector standards. We are experienced working in sectors requiring a high level of procedural control and welding expertise, including specific approvals for some products. Our welders are trained and coded to ASME IX, BS4870 and EN288 for TIG welding, MIG welding and MMA welding processes. Our team includes CAA approved welders, approved for the welding of aircraft aluminium.
  • Meeting bespoke client requirements for external accreditation. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke services tailored to individual client needs. If required we will have weld procedures approved by external accredited assessors, and welders tested and approved to weld to those procedures.
  • Safety-critical fabrications. We manufacture safety critical fabrications used in the petrochemical sector, and in Class 1 hazardous environments. We produce transmission coils made from heavy wall steel pipe that are used for the transportation of hazardous fluid. Completed fabrications are leak tested at 10 bar pressure.
  • Steel and aluminium fabrication. We can fabricate structures up to 2 tonnes in weight using mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Machine welding. We can machine welded fabrications up to 1500mm x 1500mm x 900mm on a horizontal borer.
  • Laser cutting. We can laser cut mild steel up to 20mm thick, and guillotine steel plate up to 12 mm thick.
  • Large structure welding. We are skilled at welding large sheet structures with long welded seams, where distortion control is critical. For example, we weld aircraft filter housings in 1.2mm thick aluminium sheet where welded seams total 8 metres in length.
  • CNC machining of complex close tolerance components. We machine complex close tolerance components in ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as engineering plastics.
  • Comprehensive CNC milling and CNC turning service. Our CNC machine shop is equipped with CNC turning centres with driven tooling, and 4 axis vertical machining centres. In turning we can bar feed diameters up 65mm and chucking up to 400mm. Our CNC mills can accommodate items up to 550mm x 550mm x 600mm in the Z axis.

Why customers choose us for coded welding, fabrication and CNC machining

Customers choose Smith & Jewell Engineering because we are good at what we do, and professional to work with.

We are committed to reliable, consistent quality and delivery. We work hard to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ individual needs. We invest in high quality equipment so we have the right tools for the job, and we maintain rigorous quality standards.

But we believe what really sets us apart are our people, attitude and individual client focus.

Typical applications for our coded welding, fabrication and CNC machining including:

Safety critical fabrications used in the petrochemical sector, and in Class 1 hazardous environments for Pyroban Ltd

Aircraft filter housings

Hydraulic winches for Warrior Armoured recovery vehicles

Display Kiosks for the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

Navigational Buoys for Trinity House

See our customers page for further examples.

Coded Welding & Fabrication

Coded welding & fabrication