The AL63® air powered rope launcher

Introduction to the AL63® air powered rope launcher

Smith & Jewell manufacture the AL63® shoulder fired line thrower. The launcher is designed to deliver a grapnel with line over the ground; over obstacles; over tree lines; up into buildings or onto the deck of a ship.

The AL63® launcher provides an accurate, portable means of throwing a line or ladder in a broad range of environments. It is used for firing grapnels, lines, light – weight ladders and other projectiles in military, civil and marine applications. Repeatable firings come from a rechargeable air cylinder with no smoke, heat or flash emissions.

AL63® air powered rope launcher manufactured by Smith and Jewell



The AL63® air powered rope launcher has strong credentials and benefits include:

  • Robust and reliable
  • Well proven and tested for over 25 years
  • Low whole life cost of ownership with >10+ years expected life cycle
  • Low maintenance and easy upkeep
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and deploy
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Low number and cost of consumables
  • Cost effective 2nd line maintenance arrangements or in – theatre support available


AL63® air powered rope launcher manufactured by Smith and Jewell


  • Tactical Access and Rescue
  • Urban Access
  • Maritime Access and Boarding
  • Maritime Search & Rescue
  • Civil Search and Rescue

Proven Performance

  • Capable of being transported underwater ready for use
  • Canister fits 50m of 9mm rope or 20m lightweight ladder
  • Range is dependent on firing pressure, rope diameter, angle of firing and user training
  • Launcher unit weighs 11Kg with rope or ladder attached
  • Typically, up to 5 firings can be obtained from one air cylinder

Recent Customers of the AL63® air powered rope launcher

Sales Enquiries

Please email for copies of our AL63® line thrower data sheet, or if you have any questions regarding the AL63® air powered rope launcher.

Smith & Jewell have a strategic partnership with Olympia Triumph ( specialist providers of military equipment including poles, hooks, ladders and other accessories. Olympia Triumph have a world class reputation and are authorised to provide the Smith & Jewell AL63 ® air powered launcher as part of a comprehensive access or boarding solution