Our Standards & Accreditations

Our quality system is approved to ISO 9001:2008

We control all production using an Insight 123 sales order processing system, and our quality system is approved to ISO 9001:2008. Every order is subject to the same procedures to ensure compliance and traceability:

  • Drawing control. Does the order identify the issue level and does the drawing conform?
  • Material specification. Is it clear on the drawing? Do the material certificates correspond?
  • Batch numbers. Is the source of the material and batch number identified?
  • Do we have customer approval in the form of written approved deviations even where the errors are those made by the customer? If not the order must be frozen. We never make changes on our own initiative.
  • All operations, including sub-contract, are detailed on production records showing who carried out the operation and approved its completion and verified quantities.
  • All items that are known or suspected to be non-compliant are identified and quarantined until a final determination is received.

CAA and ASME approved welders

Our welders include CAA and ASME approved welders in Lasted Cutting, Painting (Finishing), Lead Work, and Complete Post Production.