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Precision engineering services tailored to your needs

We serve a diverse range of UK and international customers across sectors including defence, medical, aerospace, water, consumer electronics, leisure, and industrial equipment.  Examples of our precision engineering projects include:


  • A supplier of mobile emergency water purification systems.
    • This customer designs and markets emergency systems that will produce safe potable water in situations where there is no infrastructure. Systems range from hand held devices carried by pilots through to containerised systems that will purify up to 250,000 litres of water per day. For 15 years we have worked in close collaboration with them and have undertaken the  design and manufacture of the mechanical aspects of their products. During this time we have been involved in making systems that entered service with the British Army in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.


  • A manufacturer of specialist aluminium products for the aerospace industry.

For over 25 years this company has utilised our expertise in hand working aircraft aluminium sheet to produce parts with compound curves. The parts we make are used on airliners and military helicopters. We also TIG weld thin gauge aluminium aircraft components.


  • A top end Hi Fi equipment manufacturer.

For over a decade we have produced grained and anodised décor panels that carry their company signature.


  • A design studio who design bespoke corporate furniture.

We have a long-standing relationship with a small team of designers who are constantly seeking to innovate the function and appearance of the furniture that they put forward to their clients. Often made as unique single pieces, they are very challenging in terms of cosmetic finishes.

  • A designer of furniture for institutions such as churches, colleges and royal palaces.

Reading lights for a college library, choir lights for a cathedral choir stalls, a notice board for the Guards’ Chapel and an audio visual system for Hampton Court Palace are just a small selection of the work we have undertaken for this customer.


  • A filtration company who require bespoke enclosures for mobile filter systems.

We manufacture bespoke cabinets for this customer, to house equipment used in processing water. The cabinet is made in stainless steel and is insulated and heated.

  • A supplier of bike security lockers.

Using galvanised steel sheet, we manufacture and powdercoat a family of lockers that have “Sold Secure” approval.


  • A manufacturer of vacuum pumps.

Here the requirement is for the repetitive manufacture of components for pumps and valves. Items vary from low value washers and discs through to complex tubular heated exhaust pipes. Kanban and direct line feed are operated for this customer.

  • A company marketing real time information kiosks.

We manufacture columns, cabinets and kiosks in grained stainless, and we also install the internals including the wiring. End users include London Transport and many municipal transport authorities.


  • A builder of small boats for defence applications.

The manufacture of complex welded fabrications made from bent tube is the main element of our work for this customer.

  • An overseas provider of specialist equipment and training to Special Forces.

We design and manufacture pneumatic devices that operate at pressures up to 200 bar.

  • The British MOD.

Over a period of 25 years Smith & Jewell have manufactured and maintained parts for armoured vehicles, including the winches used on the Challenger and Warrior recovery vehicles.


  • A supplier of safety critical fabrications for the oil and gas industry.

Safety is the raison d’etre for the very existence of these products, so we adhere to strict procedures for controlling the manufacture and testing of each item. Traceability of every aspect of the product is vital, and therefore a standard element of our precision engineering services.

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